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This website is dedicated to the topical and nutritional benefits of Camellia seed oil and you can purchase 100% Organic Camellia Seed Oil direct from gentlebodycare.co.uk.

Organic Golden Camellia Oil, 100ml, Vegan.

Organic Golden Camellia Oil, 100ml, Vegan.

Camellia seed oil is naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants and polyphenols. The fatty acid composition of Camellia seed oil, of all plant oils, most closely resembles human sebum. When you apply Camellia seed oil to your skin, hair or nails it is quickly and easily absorbed because it delivers the fatty acids and vitamins required to maintain a healthy skin barrier function, moderate sebum production and the healthy condition of your hair.

Fancy a cup of tea?

It’s the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant that give us the myriad of black, white and green teas consumed throughout the world. Camellia oil can be derived from both the leaves and the seeds and this site will demonstrate the many benefits it can have, whether eaten or topically applied.